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Welcome! This is the site for total health and fitness for all members
of the family.  We offer a great fitness program, Aerobic Resistive Rebounding, recommended by doctors, educators, and athletes, as well as everyday people.  This unique and effective program can be yours
for pennies a day.
We are world-renowned fitness trainers and educators.  We have the lowest prices anywhere in the U.S.A. on quality rebounders, weights, DVDs, and more.  Look to us for quality, integrity, and service.  
NEW PRODUCT JUST RELEASED FOR YOUR FITNESS!  SNEIDERS MOUSEPAD WORKOUT“Get Fit When You Sit!”  This simple, easy, cost effective workout designed by champions of training for your personal fitness can be done right at your desk!  A great money saver for your recession proof budget.
 We have been recognized by world leaders in the fitness field:  Joe Weider, Jack LaLanne,
Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many more.  Fitness is our business and our life.  
We offer world class seminars, teach our methods to health clubs, schools, and rehabilitation centers.  We are professional fitness trainers and train people in all walks of life by telephone, email or in person at our private fitness studio in Arcadia, California.  Contact us for more information.              
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